Alexandra Kirchner



ST 9
DX 11
IQ 13
HT 10


Explosives/TL9 (Demolition) 13 IQ/A 2
First Aid/TL9 (Human) 13 IQ/E 1
Free Fall 11 DX/A 2
Freight Handling 12 IQ/A 1
Mechanic (Robotics)/TL9 12 IQ/A 1
Spacer/TL9 13 IQ/E 1

Alexandra Kirchner was the mining engineer aboard the Rusalka and is presently a member of the Nightstalker crew. Most recently, she was detached to supervise the salvage of the USAF Cleveland and Lanzhou and their transport to Parraxthryn.

Born and raised in Chicago, Miss Kirchner used to work for a large mining company in Colorado. However, the corporate life style agreed poorly with her more independent nature, so in 2112, she left for Mars and became a Belter. She is around 30 years old.

Her personality tends towards the individualist and impulsive, and she has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, always looking out for financial gains. She also has a bit of a gambling problem.

While she’s apparently not much of a family person, she has once mentioned that her mother, a successful lawyer, still lives in Chicago.

Although the Alien Device seemingly left Miss Kirchner unchanged at first, it was recently discovered that she has developed certain anti-psionic defence powers.

Alexandra Kirchner

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