Denise Boucher



ST 11
DX 13
IQ 11
HT 11


Electronic Ops/TL9 (Communications) 12 IQ/A 4
Electronic Ops/TL9 (Electronic Warfare) 11 IQ/A 2
Electronic Ops/TL9 (Sensors) 14 IQ/A 12
Electronic Repair/TL9 (Communications) 10 IQ/A 1 (d)
Electronic Repair/TL9 (Sensors) 12 IQ/A 3 (d)
First Aid/TL9 (Human) 11 IQ/E 1
Free Fall 12 DX/A 1
Piloting (Aerospace)/TL9 13 DX/A 1
Spacer/TL9 11 IQ/E 1
Vacc Suit/TL9 11 DX/A 2

Denise Boucher was sensors operator aboard the Rusalka, a function which she continues to perform as part of the Nightstalker crew. She is a French citizen and in her mid- to late 20’s.

Before coming to Mars, Boucher was a drop ship pilot in the French marine corps, the Troupes de marine, where she held the rank of caporal-chef, 1’re classe, “chief corporal, 1st class”. She has never revealed the reson for leaving the military while sitll in the beginning of her career and taking up the life as a Belter, but she appears to still identify quite strongly as a marine.

Boucher was the member of the Rusalka crew that was perhaps most radically altered by the Alien Device, being physically changed into a lupine-like humanoid and acquiring certain predatory psychological traits. She also appears to have had the greatest difficulties adjusting to her new condition, as she’s beginning to doubt whether she’s even still a human being.

Denise Boucher

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