Shēn​ Wěi​zhì​ 申纬制



ST 10
DX 10
IQ 14
HT 10


Armoury/TL9 (Heavy weapons) 13 IQ/A 1
Armoury/TL9 (Vehicle Armor) 13 IQ/A 1
Computer Programming/TL9 12 IQ/H 1
Electronics Ops/TL9 (Scientific) 13 IQ/A 1
Engineer/TL9 (L-P Spacecraft) 12 IQ/H 1
Free Fall 10 DX/A 1
Mechanic/TL9 (L-P Spacecraft) 15 IQ/A 4
Spacer/TL9 14 IQ/E 1
Vacc Suit/TL9 9 DX/A 1

Shēn​ Wěi​zhì​ (申纬制) was the Chinese engineer aboard the Rusalka and currently carries out the same function aboard the Nightstalker.

Mr Shen is usually reticent about his past before becoming a Belter. It is known that he was an accomplished nuclear physicist in China, but was forced to resign from his position and leave his country for political reasons. As he is obviously a brilliant scientist, it is not clear why he chose to abandon research (and Earth) entirely, instead of taking a position at a foreign university.

He sometimes briefly mentions his family, who are believed to still live in a major Chinese city.

The contact with the Alien Device left Mr Shen with an ability to communicate directly with electronic devices, something that has been greatly useful in adjusting to the advanced M’rowan technology.

Shēn​ Wěi​zhì​ 申纬制

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