ST 11
DX 11
IQ 13
HT 11


Computer Programming/TL10 11 IQ/H 1
Electronic Ops (Sensors)/TL10 12 IQ/A 1
Mechanic (High-Performance Spacecraft)/TL10 13 IQ/A 2
Navigation (Realspace)/TL10 16 IQ/A 4
Navigation (Warp)/TL10 16 IQ/A 4
Piloting (Vertol)/TL10 13 DX/A 2
Spacer/TL10 13 IQ/E 1

Zirai’i is a M’rowan crew member on board the Nightstalker, where she acts as warp navigator, assistant engineer, and all-round backup crew member.

She used to be a member of the R’rr’cha clan and second-in-command on one of its warships. However, she was recently declared an Ar’rizztu-ani, a slave with no clan ties or rights, as the result of an intrigue by the R’rr’cha war leader Za’ravis.

As she happened to be aboard the Nightstalker when that ship was commandeered by the Rusalka and Velocity survivors, she was happy to accept an offer to join as a new member of the crew. She still identifies as an Ar’rizztu-ani, however, and has hinted on several occasions that doing something unpleasant to Za’ravis may be the only thing that can change that.


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