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  • Shēn​ Wěi​zhì​ 申纬制

    *Shēn​ Wěi​zhì​* (申纬制) was the Chinese engineer aboard the _[[Rusalka]]_ and currently carries out the same function aboard the _[[Nightstalker]]_. Mr Shen is usually reticent about his past before becoming a [[Belters|Belter]]. It is known that he was …

  • Lì​ Dōng'ān​ 里东安

    Commanding officer of the Chinese research vessel _[[Lanzhou]]_ (兰州). While en route to rendezvous with the comet 11P/Tempel-Swift-LINEAR, the Lanzhou was transported to [[K'roath]] space together with the _[[USAF Cleveland]]_.