Tag: Lupine


  • Denise Boucher

    *Denise Boucher* was sensors operator aboard the _[[Rusalka]]_, a function which she continues to perform as part of the _[[Nightstalker]]_ crew. She is a French citizen and in her mid- to late 20's. Before coming to Mars, Boucher was a drop ship pilot …

  • Ted Bolton

    *Theodore "Ted" Bolton, Jr.* is an American diplomat who was on board the _[[USAF Cleveland]]_ when it encountered the [[Alien Device]] and was transported to a star system in [[Kra'zoa]] space. Along with three other members of the Foreign Service, he …

  • David Leng

    *1st Lt David Leng, USAF* is a Chinese American officer aboard the _[[USAF Cleveland]]_, where he held the position of Second Navigation Officer. Following the encounter with the [[Alien Device | Alien Device]], Lt Leng began exhibiting signs of physical …

  • Michelle Iris Parker

    Pvt. *Michelle Iris Parker*, USMC, is a Marine on board the _[[USAF Cleveland]]_. She is one of those who were affected by the [[Alien Device]] and gradually transformed into a [[Lupines | lupine]].

  • Chris Lombardi

    Senior Airman *Chris Lombardi*, USAF, is a Machinist Specialist (Nuclear) on board the _[[USAF Cleveland]]_ who was among those affected by the [[Alien Device]] and transformed into a [[Lupines|lupine]].

  • Jess Morris

    Airman *Jess Morris* is a crewmember of the _[[USAF Cleveland]]_ who was transformed to a [[Lupines | lupine]] following that vessel's encounter with the [[Alien Device | Alien Device]]. As a young (age 19) and recent enlistee on his first posting, …