Tag: Virrini


  • Sh'alass

    *Sh'alass* is a prominent member of [[Virrini|Clan Virrini]]. She was among the first to take a positive interest in the humans after their arrival on Dr'zhint, offering to bring them in contact with the [[Ssitran Underground]] in return for their …

  • Zhikaste

    *Zhikaste* is the current Councillor from Clan Virrini, and the cousin of the Clan Matriarch [[:schaz-z | Schaz'z]]. As the representative of one of the most powerful Clans of the Commonwealth, she wields a great deal of power in the Council, but …

  • Naeesh

    *Naeesh* is Navigator aboard the Virrini cruiser _[[Morningstar]]_. She was responsible for the _[[Rusalka]]_ crew after the first contact in the [[Kr'zhini]] system and during their stay on [[Dr'zhint]].

  • Kurtz

    *Kurtz* is a retainer of the Virrini VIP [[:sh-alass | Sh'alass]]. A somewhat taciturn and reserved character, he appears to be fiercely loyal to his more outgoing employer.