Tag: dead


  • Sarrah

    Sarrah was Captain of the raider _[[Bloodletter]]_, until he was killed during the failed attack on the _[[Nightstalker]]_. Prior to his death, he had spent several months searching for the wreck of the _[[Morning Dew]]_.

  • Mikhail Ivanovich Sergekov

    *Mikhail Ivanovich Sergekov* was the captain and owner of the [[Belters|Belter]] mining ship _[[Rusalka]]_. He died of acute molecular decomposition shortly after the ship had encountered the [[Alien Device]].

  • It'rizz

    *It'rizz* was a [[Lik'auzu]] M'rowan living in the colony [[Deep L'lavai]]. While on a journey somewhere in the [[Coreward colonies]], he had the bad luck to fall into the hands of the [[Cruz'zht | Cruz'zht]] raider [[:sarrah | Captain Sarrah]], an …