Growing out of the concept of Aza’i, the aza’i’razzht is a semi-formalized duel with cruz’zht knives fought to establish relative levels of aza’i, and by extension usually internal rank or even leadership in a group. An aza’i’razzht is not supposed to be fought to the death – but of course accidents can happen when sharp knives are involved.

In case such a duel cannot be fought immediately for practical reasons or if it would interfere with more immediate concerns, the challenger will hand his chruz’zht knife to the challenged part as a pledge to resolve the matter at the earliest opportunity. It is considered extremely bad form to issue or accept a second challenge before the first one is resolved; if the challenger should die in one duel, the remaining opponent would be left with no opportunity to clear the challenge to their aza’i.

As non-M’rowans do not possess aza’i, they cannot participate in an aza’i’razzht, nor would there be any purpose in issuing one to them in the first place.

(Note that contests over clan leadership are never resolved through the aza’i’razzht, but use the much more complex process of the ‘Challenge’ – see the Clans article for details.)


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