The Clan of the Keepers, the closest equivalent of a M’rowan ”priesthood”, Cha’ezh traditionally maintains neutrality in questions of clan politics.

Most M’rowans think of Cha’ezh in terms of the hundreds of thousands of Keepers who serve everywhere from the halls of clan leaders to local communities all over the Commonwealth, but it also counts ‘ordinary citizens’ among its population just like any other clan. Its actual territory is relatively small, covering only a couple of star systems wedged in between the Virrini and Ma’kauza territories, as well as a number of more discreet strongholds such as Kitizaia Mountain in the Rimward Colonies.

In addition, Cha’ezh has custody of several locations that are considered important to the M’rowan heritage, in particular the homeworld Azin. The clan maintains a small but efficient warfleet to protect these places as well as its own holdings.

Cha’ezh is unique in another way in that it is the only clan to regularly accept new members from outside; any M’rowan who wishes to become a Keeper must renounce their own clan and join Cha’ezh.

Leader: Unlike the other Clans, Cha’ezh is governed by a council rather than a single Patriarch or Matriarch.
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