An archetypical “strong-arm clan”, Cruz’zht relies heavily on its military and its ability to extort resources and concessions from its neighbours. They are not highly regarded by other clans, but few are nevertheless willing to confront them directly. They have controlled the neighbouring Clan Mak’auza for many years.

Rumours have it that the warrior cult known as the Grsht’za’i have been gaining increased influence among the Cruz’zht leadership in recent years. If true, this will be just one more cause of concern for the other clans over the direction that Cruz’zht is taking.

Councillor: Thaxos
Capital system: Chorax

Important characters

Origin myth

Some years after the founding of Clan Ma’shorra, two brothers came to join the clan, and their names were Cruz’zht and Tha’raz. They soon emerged as the best hunters of the clan, surpassing even Ma’shorra himself and his mate Za’ana, and they were considered to be first in both aza’i and wealth.

But Ma’shorra grew jealous of the brothers and fearful of his leadership position. So when it happened that a h’ratze came to the territory of the clan, Za’ana counselled him to send Cruz’zht and Tha’raz with some other hunters to kill it, in the hope that the powerful beast would kill either or both of the two by chance.

As the hunters approached their prey, the others began to argue about the best way to kill it. But Cruz’zht spotted that the creature had a weakness: it was blind on one eye. Leaving the others behind, he attacked from its blind side, deftly sidestepping its lethal tail attack, and leaped onto its back. Savaging it again and again with claw and knife, he soon brought the beast down, while his hunting comrades could only watch in amazement.

Back at the clan camp, Ma’shorra, furious that his plan had backfired and unwilling to let his rival gain even more aza’i, insisted that the spoils of the hunt should be divided among the entire hunting party according to the rules of the clan. But Cruz’zht refused, arguing that as he alone had killed the h’ratze, he alone should benefit. Tempers flared and knives were drawn. In moments, Ma’shorra lay dead before Cruz’zht.

In distraught fury, the clan Keeper declared Cruz’zht and Tha’raz expelled from the clan, and they fled the camp into the wilderness. But word of Cruz’zht’s great accomplishment spread among the other hunters, and many came to join the brothers at their new camp to hunt with them. And thus was founded Clan Cruz’zht, strongest of the Clans.


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