The M’rowan cuisine has been influenced by both physiological and cultural factors.

Unlike all felids on Earth, M’rowans are not obligate carnivores, that is, they can get nutrients from other sources than meat. Still, meat constitutes by far the greatest part of their food intake, with vegetables and other sources usually relegated to the role of supplements or seasonings. In addition, while M’rowans are perfectly capable of eating raw meat, it will often be cooked or otherwise prepared anyway, for either culinary or preservative purposes.

Traditionally, the preparation of a meal is an integrated part of the entire dining experience, and if possible will take place so to speak “at the table” (although actual dining tables are not used). Thus, a typical M’rowan ‘dinner party’ would mostly resemble a communal barbecue or buffet party. On the other hand, the idea of a kitchen as a room specifically set aside for the preparation of food would be extremely unusual for most M’rowans.

Specific culinary traditions and methods vary greatly among the clans and family groups, depending on their traditions and historical availability of different food types. Of course, with interstellar colonization giving access to entirely new and alien types of food, that diversity has only multiplied.

Alcoholic beverages

Lacking a tradition for agriculture, most M’rowan alcoholic beverages are fermented or distilled wines and spirits. Beer and other beverages made from cereals, on the other hand, are almost totally unknown.


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