European Union

The European Union is a great power on Earth.

Population: 532 million
Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
Languages: 36 official languages (the official languages of all member states), in addition to numerous regional languages; English, French and German have status as everyday ‘working languages’.



The EU is organized as a loose federal state which grants extensive veto powers not only to the individual member states, but also to a number of regions and metropolitan area which have achieved semisovereign status in their own right. Thus, the political realities of the European Union usually involve lengthy and delicate negotiations to ensure that all parties with interest in the matter have been heard.

On the other hand, the common identity of Europe is strengthened through the emergence of a number of supra-national institutions, especially the European Parliament in Bruxelles, the European Senate in Prague, the High Federal Court in Luxemburg, and the European Constitutional Court in Stuttgart.


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European Union

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