Kazari Station

As far as most people know or care, Kazari Station is just a Fi’rax’is deep space research station that carries out astrophysical experiments and observations.

However, it is better known in certain circles that the station administrator is open to enhancing his budget (or more likely his personal accounts) by making his services available to less upstanding clients.

Being primarily a research installation, the facilities at Kazari are not as extensive as one would find elsewhere. However, it is possible to resupply here, and the small but experienced engineering crew can handle a surprising variety of smaller repair and maintenance tasks, although without a true space dock, larger-scale projects are of course out of the question.

Although most clients for the shadowport services are not likely to need such things, the research team on Kazari is also highly competent, in particular the chief researcher Ze’kela.

Allegiance: Clan Fi’raxis
Services: Resupply, limited repair, research

Important characters

  • R’runi – station administrator
  • Ze’kela – chief researcher

Kazari Station

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