Kitizaia Mountain

Kitizaia Mountain is a small outpost operated by the Cha’ezh clan. Its primary function is to act as a retreat, operational base, and defensive refuge for the Keepers.

Although Cha’ezh are traditionally neutral in questions of clan politics, it happens that individual Keepers get on the bad side of a clan leader or powerful warlord. In such cases, they will often go to Kitizaia to lie low in safety for a while.

Since Kitizaia has some repair facilities and ship services available, it can also be considered a shadowport. However, only proven friends of the Keepers should expect to gain access to its services.

Allegiance: Clan Cha’ezh
Services: Repair, resupply
Defences: A squadron of Cha’ezh warships and units of ground troops are stationed at Kitizaia at all times.
Location: Azidra’zhint, in the Zi’noa system, Rimward Colonies

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Kitizaia Mountain

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