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The year is 2116. Humanity has left the cradle at last and taken the first careful steps towards the colonization of the Solar System. But deep in the asteroid belt, an ancient secret has been stirred to life, sending a small group of asteroid miners halfway across the galaxy to a part of space inhabited by strange new alien life. Now this unlikely vanguard of humanity must adapt to a new reality no one suspected, and learn to transcend the boundaries of the world they knew…

Timeline of events

1. The universe

(See also the Maps section.)

Stellar geography

Star systems & Planets


Shadowports are starbases, outposts or landing fields that offer various services to starships and their crews, but are not typically known or frequented by mainstream spacefarers. Often operated by unusual groups or individuals, they may welcome any visitor without distinction… or they may value their privacy enough to defend it violently.

2. Creatures

Sentient species


3. The M’rowan Commonwealth

Society & Culture


Other organizations

4. Earth and the Solar System


The Moon



5. Science and technology


6. Starships

Named ships

(In order of appearance)

7. Miscellaneous

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