Traditionally considered the earliest established clan, Ma’shorra enjoys a high degree of prestige and a ‘first among equals’ position among the clans. Yet in real terms, their strength is in decline, and they often find themselves looking to other clans before deciding on a policy.

Capital system:

Important characters

Origin myth

Ma’shorra was a hunter of great reknown, commanding a hunting territory both large and bountiful with prey. But it happened one day that a h’ratze, a powerful and dangerous beast, ventured into his territory and drove out the other prey there.

Ma’shorra grew furious, but he thought the beast was too powerful for him to face alone. Then his mate mocked him, and said if he could not kill the beast, then she would before they both died of hunger. So she went and attacked the h’ratze, and it killed her, felling her with a strike of its tail before spearing her on its sharp tusks.

Ma’shorra mourned his dead mate, but her death also confirmed that no one hunter could face the h’ratze and survive. So he went to see three other hunters whose territories were nearby and suggested they all joined their forces to take it down. The other hunters were greatly suspicious of this idea at first, but Ma’shorra reminded them that sooner or later, the h’ratze would move on to their territories and drive out their prey as it had happened in his. So they agreed to join him.

As the hunting party approached the h’ratze early the next morning, Ma’shorra worked out a plan. The hunters fashioned a large net from sturdy vines and tied it up at one end of a narrow ravine. Then the swiftest of the hunters went up to the h’ratze and threw stones at it, provoking it to chase him into the ravine. As planned, the beast was caught in the net! While the other hunters struggled to keep it down, Ma’shorra quickly jumped on to it and drove his knife deep into its eye, killing it instantly.

As the beast lay dead, the three other hunters eyed each other jealously, neither wishing to be the first to claim credit for the kill nor grant it to any one else. But Ma’shorra spoke to them, saying that since each hunter had contributed equally to the kill, so also should they benefit equally from it. And he pulled out his knife, cut off the beast’s four tusks, and gave one to each of the others, keeping for himself only the one that was still stained with the blood of his mate.

And the other hunters agreed that this was equitable, and encouraged by their great success, they made agreements to hunt together again in the future. And in time, they agreed to join their hunting territories to each other, and yet other hunters came to join them. And thus was Clan Ma’shorra, the First of Clans, founded.


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