The Rusalka is a Persephone-class deep space mining vessel previously owned by Belter Captain Mikhail Ivanovich Sergekov, operating out of Mars for mining operations in the asteroid belt.

In early July 2116, the crew of the Rusalka discovered an alien device buried deep inside an asteroid, which when accidentally activated transported the ship and crew to the Kr’zhini star system in the M’rowan Commonwealth. Soon after, Captain Sergekov died and the Rusalka was captured by pirates, but were later rescued by the Virrini cruiser Morningstar and brought to the Council capital Dr’zhint.

Fearing for their safety in the custody of the Council, the surviving crew members subsequently commandeered the scout ship Nightstalker and abandoned the Rusalka aboard the Dr’zhint orbital station. Its current status is unknown.


As of July 2116, the crew of the Rusalka comprised the following:


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