Ssitra is a planet in the Tatrizz star system. It is a habitable garden world and the homeworld of the Ssitran species. While nominally located in Virrini territory, is is de facto controlled by the influential Slavers’ Guild which maintains several bases in orbit.

Ssitra is orbited by two major moons, Kassatra and Lavitra, which also serve as Guild Bases.


Atmosphere: Breathable oxygen
Hydrographic coverage: 90%
Physical: Density 0.9, diameter 0.91, gravity 0.82 G, mass 0.68, heavy volcanic and tectonic activity
Orbital period: 1.81 years (661.1206 days), ecc. 0.15 (min 1.36/ max 1.84), axial tilt 13 deg.
Climate: Avg. surface temp 298.6 K/25.45 C, blackbody 288.54 K

Population: 360,000 (est.)
Allegiance: Slavers’ Guild


The influence of the two large moons creates exceptionally strong tidal effects, causing regular flooding even far inland from the ocean shores. As a result, much of the planet is covered by swamps and marshes, and most animal life is entirely aquatic, amphibious, or avian. Non-amphibious terrestrial fauna is only found in the mountainous regions.

The companion star is a dominant feature in the sky, ranging from magnitude ca. -16 at periastron to ca. -13 at apastron. Presently the companion is at an orbital mid-point and an apparent magnitude of ca. -14.5, about six times brighter than a full Moon on Earth. Even when the companion is not visible in the sky, Ssitra’s two moons provide significant light as well, each being about twice as bright as the full Moon. As a result, native life tends to suffer from night blindness when brought off-world, but are also resistant to harmful effects from bright light.

Access to the planet surface is strictly controlled by the Slavers’ Association, which have several space stations and a network of surveillance satellites placed in orbit. However, the Association generally leaves the Ssitra tribes to their own business, except for occasional raids to capture slaves or to search for Underground agents or prohibited technology.

Even though they are generally kept at a Stone Age level of technology, the native tribes are quite well informed about the M’rowan society and the existence of space travel through their contacts with their off-world brethren in the Slave Underground.


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