The Ssitrans are a sentient reptilian species from the planet Ssitra in the territory of Clan Virrini. They are mostly humanoid, except for having four arms and a long tail.

Since the M’rowan discovery of Ssitra some 100 years ago, and especially since the establishment of the Slavers’ Guild a few years later, the Ssitrans have been a slave species exploited as a primarily unskilled labour force practically everywhere in the Commonwealth. In the present day, the Ssitran workforce forms the backbone of the M’rowan resource extraction and heavy industry sectors, especially because the availability of cheap slave labour has been a disincentive to development of robotics or other efficiency-improving technologies.

There is considerable cultural divergence between the Ssitrans living on the homeworld and those who have become a part of the interstellar community. The Slavers’ Guild take great pains to make sure the former are kept at their present Stone Age technological and cultural level. Many of the latter, on the contrary, have received technical or even advanced education for their job functions, and generally have a much better understanding of the world and the modern society. In recent years, some of these off-world Ssitrans have formed a loose underground movement with the long-term goal of both emancipating their species from the M’rowan bonds of slavery and bringing advanced technology back to Ssitra.


Ssitrans are humanoid, except with four arms and a long, powerful tail which can be wielded offensively in a whip-like fashion. They average about 1.75 m in height and 80 kg in weight. They are not true amphibians, but a large oxygen capacity and hydrodynamic shape give them a great speed and endurance underwater. The skin of young Ssitrans is brightly coloured, but fading to more subdued hues as they grow older. The males have an erectile blue and red crest running from the top of the head to the lower back.

Due to the unusually bright light conditions on Ssitra, caused by the presence of a close companion star, Ssitrans (like other native life forms from their planet) tend to handle darkness poorly, but on the other hand are very resistant to bright light.


Being egg-layers, Ssitrans tend to have a well-developed sense of community. They usually develop extremely close ties in particular with the other members of their specific klutch. Off-world Ssitrans, who are usually separated from their klutch-mates at an early point, tend to exhibit greater levels of individuality, however.

Probably as a hold-over from ancient hunting patterns, Ssitrans can be extremely patient both in the short and long term.


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