Tatrizz is a double star system in the Virrini clan territory. It is the location of the planet Ssitra, homeworld of the Ssitrans. It is currently controlled by the Slavers’ Guild, which maintains several space stations in orbit around Ssitra and patrols throughout the system. A small mining outpost on the planet X’au covertly provides services and supplies to pirate and Ssitran Underground ships.

The system suffers two serious strategic weakness: Firstly, it does not have any gas giants, forcing ships to refuel either in nearby systems or use fuel refined from water or ice. And secondly, the system is periodically flooded with radiation from a nearby pulsar star which render sensors almost useless for a brief time span-.

Tatrizz A

Mass 1.25
Type F7 V (yellow-white dwarf)
Surface temp 6,400 k
Luminosity 2.925

Asteroid Belt, 0.22 AU

h6. Tatrizz A1, 0.43 AU

Standard chthonian planet

Tatrizz A2, 0.64 AU

Standard greenhouse planet,
Atmosphere: Suffocating, lethally toxic, corrosive (predominantly CO2)

Asteroid Belt, 1.09 AU

Ssitra (Tatrizz A3), 1.6 AU

Standard garden planet, two small moons (Kassatra and Lavitra), breathable atmosphere. Hydrographic coverage 90%. Avg. surface temp 298.6 K/25.45 C. Gravity 0.82 G. Heavy volcanic and tectonic activity.

Homeworld of the Ssitran species. Populaation estimated around 360,000 individuals, mostly at the Stone Age technology, plus an unknown but limited number of Underground infiltrators with higher technology.

Several Slavers’ Guild starbases orbit the planet, serving as bases for interdiction patrols in the orbital space as well as reconnaisance and slave raid missions to the surface.

Tatrizz A4, 2.9 AU

Tiny rock planet

Tatrizz A5, 4.7 AU

Tiny rock planet

Tatrizz A6, 8.4 AU

Tiny ice planet

Tatrizz A7, 13.5 AU

Standard ice planet. Suffocating atmosphere (Nitrogen and CO2). Seasonal hydrographic coverage 20%.

X’au (Tatrizz A8), 23 AU

Standard hadean planet. No atmosphere. Avg. surface temp 50.75 K (frozen). Gravity 0.43 G.

This hellishly cold planet is home to a small mining colony of independent miners who make a precarious living drilling through the frozen layers to the mineral deposits below. Although the Slavers’ Association claims the entire system, they have not found it worthwhile to take action against the miners here, and usually allow them to trade at the Association facilities further in-system.

Although nominally ‘democratic’, the outpost is dominated by a handful of powerful mining bosses, who usually work things out among themselves, and depend on the support of their mining gangs when they can’t agree.

The miners earn a few extra credits by offering services to pirate and Underground ships which prey on the Slavers’ Guild. The bosses are very keen to keep this arrangement a secret, since the Guild would immediately, and violently, shut down the outpost if they were to find out.

Tatrizz A9, 39 AU

Tiny ice planet.

Tatrizz B

Mass 1.10
Type G0 Main seq
Surface temp 6,000 k
Luminosity 1.925

Tatrizz B1, 0.21 AU

Small rock planet

Tatrizz B2, 0.36 AU

Standard chthonian planet

Tatrizz B3, 0.61 AU

Small rock planet

Tatrizz B4, 1 AU

Small rock planet

Asteroid Belt, 1.8 AU

h6. Asteroid Belt, 3 AU

h6. Tatrizz B5, 5 AU

Tinyrock planet

Asteroid Belt, 7.5 AU

h6. Tatrizz B6, 12 AU

Small ice planet

Tatrizz B7, 21 AU

Small Hadean planet

Asteroid Belt, 42 AU


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