The Culture

The Culture are a sentient, vaguely serpent-like alien species located close to Clan Azu’th.

While not a technologically advanced species, they are known to be highly telepathic species, and appear to use this capacity extensively in place of technology, such as for space travel.

Due to their unusual mentality, the Culture are difficult to communicate properly with. However, the few successful communication attempts have revealed a great preoccupation with something that they call The Equation. It is not clear precisely what this refers to, either, but there appears to be a connection with the enimatic crystallic underground device found on Parraxthryn.

The Culture appear to have dominated, or perhaps domesticated another humanoid lobster-like alien species, which they use as servants and general labour force. Nothing is known about the capabilities of this other specices, nor even if it is sentient.

The Culture

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