The Hive

The Hive or sometimes Hivers or bugs, are a collective term for a sentient species of insectoid aliens that control an unknown extent of space next to the Ch’thau’ri clan territories. They were discovered by Clan Ch’thau’ri eight years ago. The first contact was hostile, and the Hivers and Ch’thau’ri have been engaged in a desperate high-intensity war ever since.

The location or nature of the Hiver homeworld is unknown, as are indeed most aspects of their society. They posses advanced technology such as warp-capable starships, and they also seem comfortable with using M’rowan technology to some extent.


Hivers most of all resemble giant, bulky ants. They are on average 75 cm tall over the shoulders and 150-200 cm in length. Their bodies are formed of a strong chitinous exoskeleton and have six legs, the two of which in front can be used for carrying or even (according to unverified reports) fine manipulation. They have two sets of wings which they can use to assist in jumps, but are not strong enough for true flight or gliding. A set of antennae on the head appear to serve as sensory organs and may also be related to communication. They are usually coloured in a pattern of yellow and black, although brown and grey varieties have also been reported.

The Hivers have a broad variety of natural weaponry, in particular a set of sharp mandibles, a sword-like blade on each front leg, and a reservoir of acid which they can spit to a considerable distance and which can eat through even high-tech armor. While an individual Hiver is typically not a threat against a well-armed soldier, they can be extremely dangerous in great numbers or in ambush situations.


According to Ch’thau’ri reports (which are based exclusively on experiences from combat situations), individual Hivers are nearly mindless creatures, with no apparent sense of self-preservation. Although they are extremely cunning, often using ambushes or diversionary tactics as the situation requires, they will also sacrifice themselves in great numbers if a mass frontal assault offers a better chance to overwhelm an enemy.


Hiver technology appears to be mostly biological in nature, while still incorporating mechanical and electronic elements in a cyberware-like fashion. The most spectacular example of this biotech is their organic spaceships.

They may also have some ability to use M’rowan technology.

The Hive

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