Thryntaxis is a star system located in the Borderland Nebula. It contains very little of interest other than the shadowport Borderland Station which usually orbits the innermost planet.


Mass 0.1
Type M7V (red dwarf)
Surface temp 3,100 k
Luminosity 0.0012

Thryntaxis a, 0.08 AU

Standard ammonia planet, gravity 0.425 G, extreme volcanic & tectonic activity

  • Atmosphere: Thin Suffocating, Lethally Toxic, Corrosive, mass 1.25 atm, pressure 0.53 atm, nitrogen w/ ammonia and methane
  • Hydrographic coverage 40%
  • Climate: Avg. surface temp 192.08 K (Frozen) (-90.22 degrees C)
Thryntaxis b, 0.19 AU

Asteroid Belt

Thryntaxis c, 0.33 AU

Large ice planet

Thryntaxis d, 0.59 AU

Standard hadean planet

Thryntaxis e, 1 AU

Standard hadean planet, 1 moon

Thryntaxis f, 1.9 AU

Standard hadean

Thryntaxis g, 3.5 AU

Tiny ice planet


Transcendency lanfranc