USAF Cleveland

The USAF Cleveland is a United States Air Force, Deep Space Command vessel launched in 2114. With a crew complement of 107 and carrying a squadron of six SF-12 Cobra multirole space fighters from the SFG-16 “Red Panthers” squadron, the Cleveland is the first of an experimental class of space vessels designed to determine the viability of smaller fighter craft in deep space military operations.

In September 2116, the Cleveland under the command of LtCol Gregory Frost, USAF, encountered an alien device while en route from Earth to Mars. The device transported the vessel from the Sol system to an uninhabited star system deep in Kro’ath space and radically altered a number of its crew members, including LtCol Frost himself. A subsequent rescue mission by the crew of the Nightstalker ended with the rescue of the Cleveland, but the CO being relieved of command.

Ship’s complement

CO: Major Enrico Ramirez

Officers: 11
Crew: 44
Marines: 29

Fighter group

Strike Fighter Squadron 16 “Red Panthers”, operating 6 SF-12 Cobra multirole space fighters

Flight Commander: Captain Maria Celestina Dos Santos
Pilots: 5
Support: 15

Vessel stats

USAF Cleveland

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