X’azi-tani is a habitable planet in the Ixil star system. It is the capital world of Clan Az’uth and an important centre of trade in the Commonwealth.


Atmosphere: Breathable oxygen, pressure 0.915 atm
Hydrographic coverage: 80%
Physical: Density 1.1, diameter 0.72, gravity 0.8 G, mass 0.42, heavy volcanic and extremely heavy tectonic activity
Orbital period: 2.95 years (1076.75 days), ecc. x.xx (min x.xx / max x.xx), axial tilt xx deg.
Climate: Avg. surface temp 286.45 K/13.3 C, blackbody 274.9 K

Population: 816,000
Allegiance: Clan Az’uth


While otherwise pleasant in climate and atmospheric conditions, X’aiz-tani is extremely geologically active, with most parts dominated by several large active volcanoes and suffering very frequent earthquakes. As a result, only a few points on the surface are suited for large-scale construction, significantly reducing the planet’s population capacity.


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