Alexandra Vladimir Gloval

Russian Doctor aboard Nightstalker


A beautifull young woman of Russian descent.
Alexandra has ravenblack hair that is always kept at its best. She Usually lets her hair flow loose, but when performing surgery or being at missings, she ties it up on a ponytail.

Her dark eyes are soft, yet piercing.

She has a athletic build and keeps herself fit at all times.
Being a woman very aware of herself, she has allways stiven to be physically attractive and healthy. She does this with regular training and closely monitored diets.

She has a proud almost royal demeanor yet is very friendly and outgoing.
When having a patient for consultation she tries to adapt her aproch to the patient, but mostly she tries to be outgoing.
At times she can get very strict, and during surgery she is known to be very bossy and humorless.

recently Alexandra has begun to look at her cloth with a more ethstetic approch, and have begun modifeing her cloth and armor to suite her body sculpture.


Alexandra Vladimir Gloval

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